8 October 2016 /Humbug - LIVE

Humbug is a Celtic band playing traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish songs and tunes, some to dance to, stomp your feet to, sing-a-long with and some to stir your heart. Humbug has been playing at festivals, pubs, clubs, celebrations and events for years and is passionate about Celtic music. Featuring soaring harmonies, groovy rhythms, tapestried instrumentation and funky bass lines, Humbug continues to energize and mesmerize audiences near and far.

Humbug’s festival credits include the National Folk Festival, Beechworth Celtic Festival, Turning Wave Festival, The Peak Festival, Berry Celtic Festival, Yackendandah Folk Festival, Music at the Creek, Urinquinty Folk Festival, St Alban’s Folk Festival and Illawarra Folk Festival.
Humbug is one of Canberra’s best known and most accomplished Celtic bands, specialising in Irish and Scottish music- from the toe tappin’ melodies  through to the stir-your-heart and grab-a-tissue songs. Traditional and contemporary Celtic music.

Humbug is-
Mal Bennett- vocals, guitar, fiddle and banjo (when he is game- but don’t hold that against him!)
Rachel Antone- vocals and percussion (mainly congas)
Frankie Nizynski- vocals and bass (currently singing lead on our biggest hit “Donald Where’s Your Troozers”)
Simone Dawson- whistles, flute, vocals, some percussion