23 September 2016 /Little Buster - LIVE

Friday 23 September 2016

7:30pm – 11:30pm

 Little Buster  

Take a large slab of rock and roll, season with a little hillbilly, put it in the blender at high speed and you’ve got rockabilly, arguably the greatest musical recipe of all time. Think of Elvis’ best work, the Sun records, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, early Beatles, Stray Cats – that’s rockabilly. It swings and rocks and, like a voodoo spell, it makes people move their feet, hips and whatever else wobbles and shakes.

‘Little Buster’, is a trio which consists of Greg Duncan Powell on guitar, sister Kristine Powell on bass and Graham Maude drums. The three have honing their rockabilly skills and digging deep into rockabilly mojo for the past 18 months and have come up with a recipe we think you’ll like.  Twangy guitar, walking bass and a solid back beat – you get the idea. The band share vocal duties.

The moniker ‘Little Buster’ doesn’t refer to anyone in the band (though neither Greg nor Graham are particularly tall). The name came as many band names do – because the band couldn’t agree on one.  After numerous suggestions failed to get up, the band decided to call themselves after one of their favourite songs.

‘Little Buster’ is a live band in the true meaning of those two words. No synths, no samples and no artificial colouring or flavouring – real people playing real instruments making real music the way rock and roll was meant to be played. Music is like cooking says Greg (who is an ex chef), you use good ingredients (obviously referring to his treasured arsenal of guitars and amps), follow the recipe, use a bit of skill and you’ll turn out something tasty.

So, if your appetite yearns for a band that can shake, rattle and roll – and swing just as hard as it rocks – then ‘Little Buster’ is for you!