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  • To foster within the Commonwealth of Australia that heritage brought to Australia by Scottish immigrants.
  • To maintain within Australia the heritage of Scottish Australians including music, literature, culture, language and history.
  • To encourage the continued use and survival of Scots Gaelic.
  • To remind Australians of the Scottish heritage of their ancestors and to lift the perception of this Scottish heritage in Australia.
  • To promote and organise events which aid in the preservation in Australia of Scottish music, literature, culture, language and history.
  • To support and to help other Scottish organizations with same objectives.
  • To join in the celebration of Scottish festivals celebrated internationally including Tartan Day.
  • To promote liaison between groups and societies in Australia which promote or celebrate Scottish Heritage.
  • To encourage, support and promote the genealogical and historical research and study of Scottish ancestry by individuals, families, clans, and other Scottish societies.
  • To hold events to lift the perception and recognition of Australians of Scottish heritage including, whenever possible, a week of concentrated Scottish events, including Sydney Scottish Week.