Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Policy

This policy formalises a consistent approach when determining the punishment a patron should receive if involved in any behaviour identified below, either in or around the Burns Club.

Upon receiving the complaint and having it verified by management with staff and or witnesses reports the member alleged to have committed the offence will automatically receive the minimum penalty herein. Should the member in question wish to contest the charge or in turn if they believe they have been denied natural justice they may write to demand a judicial hearing with the CEO and selected members of the Board of Directors.



Quarrelsome – Pushing, shoving, offensive language 3 months
Disturbing quiet good order of neighbourhood 3 months
Repeatedly intoxicated at the same venue 3 months
Failure to abide by directions from staff/security/verbally abusive 3 months
Refuse to leave when asked 6 months
Re-enter immediate vicinity within 6 hours 6 months
Malicious damage at venue or immediate vicinity 6 months
Assault – minor 6 months
Indecent exposure, offensive conduct 6 months
Verbal threats to staff, security or police 12 months
Abuse of Staff 12 months
Assault – occasioning actual bodily harm 12 months
Possess illegal drugs 12 months
Committing same offence within 12 months 12 months
Assault – occasioning grievous bodily harm Life
Glassing Life
Third offence causing suspension Life